NSWJDC2018 – Workshops

Medical, Surgical, and Critical Care streams

We are excited to include a wide range of workshops as part of the JDC2018 program, spanning three streams – medical, surgical and critical care. Check out some of the workshops below, and make sure to check back as we release more workshops closer to June!

BPT Applications

Do you want hear about the best tips and tricks for your BPT applications and interviews? Wouldn’t it be great to know what the interview panel are thinking and what they’re looking for in a BPT applicant?

We’ve asked the Directors of Physician Training from some of Sydney’s most popular hospital networks to join us and walk you through the process! Dr James Lynam (JHH), Dr Anthony Linton (Concord), and Dr Peter Lim (RPA) will be joining us for our BPT Interview workshop and will be sharing their secrets to helping you secure your spot on a physician training program. We’ll be running a didactic workshop focusing on improving your application and interview techniques, and then breaking into small groups for you to have a crack at some questions before the real deal.

Orthopaedics Ex-Fix

External fixation for stabilising fractures has been around for over one hundred years now – what used to be a last-resort intervention has now become a mainstay of fracture management. In this interactive workshop, representatives from Stryker will walk you through using actual external fixation hardware to bring bones back together.

Proudly sponsored by Stryker.

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Is the future of surgery robotic? Maybe! Join us as we discuss the future directions of robots in surgery.

Dr Scott Leslie is one of Sydney’s premier robotic surgery specialists leading his field in the management of prostate, kidney and bladder disorders. Dr Julian Yu was one of the first Australian surgeons to use the innovative Mako robot for hip and knee arthroplasties in Sydney, Australia. They both join us to discuss the future of robotic surgery and the advantages it offers.

ECG Workshop

Sadly, ECGs were never made to be easy. Lucky for you, this session will provide hints and tricks for interpreting ECGs on the run. Dr Ning Song , an advanced trainee in Cardiology at St Vincent’s Hospital, will be running a high-yield ECG workshop – so the next time a patient with Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, or Wellens’ Syndrome, or who meets Sgarbossa criteria comes in, they’ll be lucky they had you!

Critical Care Workshop

Interested in Critical Care or just want to improve your airway and central access skills? Join Dr Jessica Lim and other RPAH critical care trainees as they walk you through confidently managing airways and inserting central lines.

Proudly sponsored by Abacus Dx

Laparoscopy Workshop

Laparoscopic simulation trainers are coming to the Alliance Junior Doctors Conference!

You will be given the incredible opportunity to learn step-by-step how to complete basic laparoscopic surgeries, and then practice your own laparoscopic skills using simulation training models. This will be a very popular session with limited spots, so make sure you inform our registration staff at the conference as early as you can, if you want to attend.

Proudly sponsored by Applied Medical Australia

Fast Ultrasound Workshop

The ED BAT phone, “56-year-old male with blunt abdominal trauma …” Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) is a point-of-care assessment that guides the decision to transfer a patient for trauma surgery. Dr Jeremy Hsu (Director of Trauma, Westmead Hospital) will provide an overview of the role of FAST and provide an opportunity for practical experience in performing and interpreting these scans.

Proudly sponsored by Sonosite.

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Palliative Care

It’s 2am and you are called by the oncology ward regarding a patient in uncontrolled pain. You are on your morning ward round and the registrar asks you to quickly review the restless, dying patient. Managing the symptoms of palliative care patients can be a challenging and emotional process. In this workshop, we have asked the professor who wrote the book on palliative care (literally) to discuss how to approach symptom management in a ward-based context. Prof Roderick MacLeod is a conjoint professor at the University of Sydney and will give his insights and clinically relevant recommendations on how to handle those difficult end of life management issues.

Mindfulness for the Junior Doctor

In a time where there is an increasing focus on the mental health of junior doctors, it is important that we are equipped with strategies for navigating the high-pressure environment we work in. Mindfulness is the practice of purposefully paying attention to what is happening in the present, enabling us to be open, engaged and compassionate individuals. Elizabeth Granger will introduce us to some basic self-care and stress management skills, ask us participate in a practice of mindfulness and help you to continue learning and developing your skills through a training app provided by Openground.

Proudly sponsored by Openground.

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Life is too short to be asleep at the wheel. Learn how to create the conditions for waking up through synthesising modern science and ancient wisdom. Join a fellow JMO, Dr Jacqui Tedder and other senior yoga instructors, as they lead a group yoga session on Saturday and Sunday mornings before the start of each conference day.

Proudly sponsored by WOKE YOGA, a boutique yoga studio on Sydney’s North Shore.

Junior Doctors' Conference 2018 Sponsor Woke Yoga