NSWJDC2018 – Panels

Our panels are a chance for you to engage with speakers and hear their detailed stories and responses to focused questions. As well as Q&A sessions following the discussion, so be prepared with your own questions to pose to our eminent panelists.

Panel: Training

Has medical training turned into an arms race? Let’s chat about the solutions.

Moderator: Dr Lana Nguyen
Resident Medical Officer, Liverpool Hospital 

The battle for limited vocational training places has turned medical training into an exercise of ‘CV buffing’. Junior doctors find themselves doing endless courses, degrees, workshops, questionable research and presentations all in the goal of adding a few more points to their CVs. Are these requirements the best way to choose those suitable for a training program? Is this endless arms race harmful to junior doctors? Join us to start to answer some of these questions and figure out some solutions.

Dr Lisa Pryor

Psychiatry Registrar, Sydney

Contributing Opinion Writer, New York Times

Prof Gordian Fulde

Director of Emergency Medicine, St Vincent’s Hospital

Officer, Order of Australia

Dr Alex Psirides

Intensive Care Specialist, Wellington Hospital

Dr Michael Bonning

General Practitioner

Senior Director of Medical Affairs, DermaSensor

Dr Gabrielle McMullin

Vascular Surgeon

Mentor to Women in Surgery

Panel: Technology

Will technology make the doctor redundant? What’s in store for the future of medicine?

Moderator: Dr Zachary Tan
Director of Business Development, Australia / Asia-Pacific, CancerAid

Technology has revolutionised medicine during the 20th and 21st centuries, leading to many lives saved and better outcomes for all our patients. This has also led to gradual changes to what it means to be a medical professional. We stand at a crossroads, though, with the rise of deep learning, artificial intelligence and the use of vast databases to make medicine an even more precise affair. What does this all mean for the doctor and the sacrosanct patient-doctor relationship? Will we find our role elsewhere than the coal-face of medicine or worse, could we find ourselves redundant? Join our tech experts to find out what the near future could look like.

Annette Hicks

IBM Watson Health

Dr Sam Prince

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Founder of Zambrero

Dr George Margelis

Health and Life Sciences Lead
Intel, Australia and NZ

Dr Amandeep Hansra


Co-Founder Evermed Consulting

Panel: Non-Clinical

Is your medical degree useful outside the hospital? Discussing non-clinical careers

Moderator: Dr Clinton Colaco
Basic Physician Trainee, Liverpool Hospital

People go to medical school to then become an intern and then become a registered doctor and this continues until they retire. Sounds like the usual life path for people that call themselves doctors but is it actually usual and are there more people thinking of choosing a different way? Medicine, like any profession, teaches us skills that are applicable to a wide variety of career choices. Join us as we hear from those that have chosen the path not well-trodden and have branched out in fascinating ways.

Dr Renee Lim

Director of Program Development, Pam McLean Centre

Jana Pittman

4th Year Medical Student, WSU

Summer and Winter Olympian

Amy Corderoy

Medical student, University of Notre Dame

Award winning Journalist

Dr Ahmed Kazmi

General Practitioner

Comedian and Cabaret performer