NSWJDC2018 – Medical Challenge

Everyone knows that junior doctors are fiercely competitive. The NSWJDC2018 Medical Challenge will put you and your peers to the test, pitting junior doctor against junior doctor, hospital against hospital, in a test of clinical competency, emergency skills and the everyday challenges of being a ‘Good Doctor’.

Teams of five from hospitals across NSW will be chosen to go through a gruelling qualifier round of five stations that test their medical knowledge, skills and how they work together under pressure. Teams will not only have to show off their medical skills but also their personal flair as audience favorability may be an important factor!

The top two teams will then battle head-to-head on the NSWJDC2018 main stage in a series of challenges, all in the pursuit of the glory of being crowned the inaugural NSWJDC Medical Challenge winner! There will be some awesome prizes up for grabs as well, watch this space.


  1. Five qualifier stations that will test your medical knowledge, your ability to withstand pressure and how slick you are at getting the job done. Remember time is of the essence, so make sure everyone on the team is pulling their weight!
  2. Our judges will add up the marks and separate the champs from the chumps. The two top teams will then proceed to the grand final…
  3. Think you’ve had a bad day as a Junior Doctor? Think again as we put the final two teams through their paces in our Medical Challenge Grand Final. Tricky medical scenarios won’t be your only challenge to navigate as hospital admin, and difficult registrars join in to create the ultimate test.

How to  Apply

Think you’ve got what it takes? Sign up to the Medical Challenge.

Remember each hospital team has to be made of five junior doctors, so tell your friends and make sure they sign up! Each Medical Challenge competitor will be supplied with a promotional code that allows them to access a NSWJDC2018 ticket for free.