Doctors-in-Training Committee (DITC)

What is the DITC?

  1. A group of Doctor-in-Training members who meet monthly to discuss all the issues that matter to DITs
  2. A place to ask questions and stay up to date with hot topics in medical training, wellbeing, share ideas and develop new initiatives and policy
  3. The portal to greater involvement in both AMA (NSW) and ASMOF (NSW)
  4. Free dinner
  5. All of the above

To find out more about the DIT Committee, check out the Terms of Reference here (updated March 2018).

Where does the DITC meet?

Meetings are held in the AMA (NSW) Conference Centre – Ground Level, 69 Christie St, St. Leonards but teleconferencing facilities are available if you cannot make it in person.

How do I get involved?

Just turn up! Our DITC meetings are open to all Alliance members. You don’t need to come every month, and topics covered vary, but the more you come the more chances you’ll have to contribute.

To get started, you can request to be put on our DITC mailing list to receive more detailed updates on the meetings including agenda papers.

If you’re interested in a formal role, elections are held yearly but casual vacancies may arise at other times. You can check out the position descriptions for these here.

Still have questions?

For logistical information, to join our mailing list and receive invitations to attend meetings please contact the DIT Liaison Officer.

For other questions, additional of agenda items or to discuss an idea for the DITC, please contact the Chair.

2019 Meeting Dates

Make sure you add the followings dates in your calendar.

  • 21 February
  • 11 April
  • 13 June
  • 15 August
  • 12 September
  • 17 October
  • 14 November